Kratom: Buzz or Bust?

Hey man, let’s talk about this kratom shit. Now, I’m all for natural remedies and expanding consciousness, but kratom? That’s a whole ‘nother story. You see, kratom might seem like a chill way to mellow out or get a buzz, but there’s some serious risks lurking behind those leaves. It’s not like real drugs, man.

First off, kratom can really fuck with your head. It’s got these mind-altering effects that can leave you feeling spaced out or even paranoid. And let’s not forget the physical toll—it can mess with your stomach, your heart rate, and even your breathing. I know a chick who uses it regularly and now she’s having epileptic seizures. That’s some heavy stuff to be messing with.

Dirty gas station drug dealin’

Now, I get it—people are always looking for alternatives to mainstream medicine, but kratom ain’t no magic cure-all. In fact, it can be addictive, just like any other substance that messes with your brain chemistry. And withdrawal? Trust me, you don’t want to go there. You might as well be hooked on heroin (again).

Plus, there’s the whole sketchy market thing. They sell it at fucking gas stations, man. (When’s the last time you bought good dope from the 7-Eleven?) So you never really know what you’re getting with kratom. It’s not regulated like prescription meds — or even regular drug dealer meds — so you could easily be getting a bad batch or something cut with who knows what. Perhaps even dog shit.

So, before you light up that kratom joint or brew another cup, think twice, man. Your health and sanity are worth way more than a temporary buzz. Stay chill, stay safe, and maybe stick to the good old-fashioned drugs, or herbs and meditation instead.


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