And Now We Drink #360: Little Puck is the Captain Now

In this episode of “And Now We Drink,” host Matt Slayer sits down with the lively and engaging Little Puck. They kick off with some light banter about the peculiarities of podcast setups and the joy of accumulating peculiar headwear, setting a playful tone for an episode filled with laughter and candid conversation.

Little Puck, a Chicago expat, shares her experiences and thoughts on escaping the brutal Chicago winters and the Midwestern way of life. The discussion flows into entertaining stories of her time living in queer anarchist collectives and the adventures she had in the city’s vibrant punk scene.

The conversation takes a turn into the realm of dating and relationships, where Puck humorously recounts her escapades with drummers, her love for band dudes, and the challenges of navigating online dating as a known figure in the industry. There are genuine reflections on the complexities of relationships, particularly with fans, and the curious dynamics that can arise from those connections.

Matt and Puck also delve into more profound topics, such as the impact of religion on their lives and the struggle to break free from dogmatic constraints. Puck opens up about her journey from a devout Christian upbringing to the freeing life she leads now, despite the familial tensions that linger.

Throughout the episode, there’s a recurring theme of reinvention and identity, highlighted by the playful yet serious discussion on Puck possibly changing her stage name to something like “Captain Puckhard,” a whimsical blend of her affinity for Star Trek and her current identity.

As the episode winds down, the duo prepares for some bonus content, promising more laughs, possibly fueled by a shot of Malort. Little Puck, with her infectious energy and humor, leaves a mark, making this episode a delightful blend of the irreverent and the thought-provoking.


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