The Beatles Guide to Love & Sex — How the Fab Four Inspired a Cultural Revolution

The Beatles left an indelible mark not only on music, but on the culture in which they created it. In a time of great and sudden change, they led a generation into new territory, redefining the social landscape as a place where men and women could try on new roles. They led this change through their music, their public personae, and – under scrutiny – their example.

The Beatles Guide to Love & Sex examines all three – the songs, the parts they played in public, and the way they led their lives, for better or worse. John, Paul, George and Ringo began their journey as typical working-class teenagers – not particularly sophisticated in the ways of the heart – and walked a long and winding road toward their eventual destinations as husbands and fathers. They stumbled quite a bit along the way; but they left the world a roadmap, a precarious but emphatic path from innocence to maturity – and adorned it with a timeless musical legacy.

The Beatles Guide to Love & Sex is available in paperback and Kindle. Read a sample or buy it now at Amazon.

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