‘Psycho’ Boobies and Coppola’s Directorial Debut

There’s something inspiring in the fact one of the greatest film directors of all-time started off doing “nudie cuties”…

Two Puritan crusaders who are actually secret perverts rendezvous at a burlesque club on the Sunset Strip, with the intent of blowing it up. They hide a bomb that’s set to go off at midnight, and while they wait, they tell stories. One of the men, who is a cowboy, talks about a miner friend of his who was plagued by hallucinations of naked women. The other shares a story of how he tried to destroy an erotic photography shop across the street from his apartment…

Marli Renfro in Nude Living (ca. 1960-something)

Tonight For Sure stars Karl Schanzer (Dementia 13, Spider Baby), Don Kenney (Battle Beyond the Sun, The Bellboy and the Playgirls), and the gorgeous Playboy Playmate Marli Renfro, among others. Prior to this film, Renfro was paid $500 to body-double for Janet Leigh for the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) — now considered one of the most famous scenes in cinema history.

Tonight For Sure was written and directed by Jerry Schafer and Francis Ford Coppola. Yeah, that Francis Ford Coppola in his directorial debut. Turns out, when ol’ Francis Coppola was earning his bones, trying to make it as a film director, he found easy money in producing titty films.

It’s crazy to think the guy who directed this film went on to bring us The Godfather and Apocalypse Now. But then again, he seems to know what filmgoers enjoy.

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