Chemsex Is For Everyone, Not Just Gays Doing Meth

For the purposes of this video, I want you to think of “meth” as ALL DRUGS and “sex” as ALL SEX, whether straight or gay…

Chem Sex (or “Chemsex”) is a term given to sex fueled by drugs, whether it’s to feel less inhibited or to enhance pleasure, or simply using drugs as a currency to get laid. Or it can be a combination of all three. Most often, the term is associated with meth and gay or bisexual men, but it’s easily applied to all drugs and all sex. And it’s extremely addictive.

Perhaps you’ve heard the terms “Party and Play” or “PnP” or “wired play” — these are all fun names for chemsex. It’s essentially the combination of recreational drug use and recreational sex, and while it all sounds like a whole lot of rockstar fun on the surface, it’s what I like to call an aggravated addiction. That is, much like a crime where aggravating circumstances make it worse (like committing a misdemeanor with a gun aggravates it to a felony), combining a sex addiction with drugs, or likewise a drug addiction with sex, can lead to an entirely new addiction — a chemsex addiction.

While this video focuses mostly on meth and gay men, trust me when I tell you, its message (and warning) is for all of us — man, woman, gay, straight, and everywhere in-between. Individually, these addictions are hard enough to overcome, but combine the two, aggravating one with the other, and you create a new, mega-addiction — like a newer, stronger mutation of an already deadly virus, now even more resistant — that will ultimately take total control of your mind, your body and your life until it finds a way to kill you. (Perhaps even with a deadly virus.)

Luckily, I found a way to stop it before it did. I’m a straight guy who was addicted to sex AND coke to the point I didn’t even want one without the other, and to the point it took over my entire life. But that’s my story. Like I said, I was lucky because I was reluctant to seek help. I didn’t even know there was a name for my “special kind” of addiction until I discovered this video. That said, if I had it to do all over again, I would have reached out to the folks at Blue Tiger Recovery — which is now Ridgeback Recovery — and saved myself sooner …before I lost everything, and nearly my life.


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