The Rock *SUCKS*!!!

I used to be a big fan of The Rock — when he played a wrestler — but then he did a whole bunch of movies where he plays “The Rock” in every single one of them and now I’m tired of him. “Oh, but he’s such a nice guy,” everyone tells me. But I just don’t see it. If you mean he does a lot of family friendly, feel-good movies where he plays a likeable, fake version of himself, then maybe I see where you’re coming from.

I’ve always thought he was fake, though. His characters are fake because he’s just playing an overinflated version of himself, and his self is fake because he’s trying too hard to be the fake, overinflated version of himself that he plays in his movies. Perhaps, his ego is conflicted. Whatever it is, he makes me cringe now. And that fucking eyebrow thing… enough already.

So, on a hunch I typed “The Rock Sucks” into YouTube Search and discovered this gem from Bombasticnoa.


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