Falcon E. DeEtte’s Very Patriotic Song of Hate

Few folks personify REAL American-style patriots like the liberal hating, Muslim hating, gay hating, environmentalist hating, college-education hating, clean-water hating, electric car hating, government hating, rule-of-law hating, clean air hating, deodorant hating, windmill hating, solar power hating, World Bank hating, Europe hating, NATO hating, Putin loving MAGA folks. To speak on behalf of all those haters of their fellow citizens (and most other people who speak foreign languages) today we present Falcon E. DeEtte, (a man who comes from a long line of E. DeEttes) and who is soon to release his book, The E. DeEtte’s Guide to MAGA in America.

Performed by Bruce W. Nelson


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