Bread of Life (2008)

In Egypt, bread is revered as the source of life, almost treated as a sacred object. It comes in various forms, and artist Adel Abidin once encountered bread so hard that it seemed more suited for drumming than eating. The sound it produced was surprisingly pleasant, resembling that of a musical instrument.

In Abidin’s Bread of Life (2008), four percussionists, who make a living by playing rhythms for belly dancers in low-key nightclubs (kabarate), experiment with drumming on the bread to create a rhythmic experience.

Musical Manifest (2022), Adel Abidin

Helsinki-based artist Adel Abidin is best known for his candid exploration of history, identity, politics, conflicts and memory. His incisive use of irony and humor draws him towards various social situations, addressing elusive experiences and cultural alienation. His projects have gained recognition through numerous exhibitions worldwide.

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