Her Price Wasn’t Wrong, Bob

Invasion of the Bee Girls (re-released in 1981 as Graveyard Tramps) is a 1973 American science fiction film. The first film venture for writer Nicholas Meyer, it was directed by Denis Sanders and stars William Smith, Anitra Ford and Victoria Vetri.

The premise of the movie is that a mad scientist (Ford) is using radiation-mutated bee serum to create an army of female beauties who seduce men to death. One by one, the male victims are killed before the local police catch on to the plans of the infected females. The script was altered while Meyer was visiting his parents. When he saw the new script, he wanted to take his name off of the project but was convinced by his manager that he needed a credit.

Anitra Ford on The Price is Right

Speaking of credit…

Just FYI, Anitra Ford (“Dr. Susan Harris”) was a model on The Price is Right, alongside Bob Barker, from 1972 to 1976. Her nudie scenes in Invasion of the Bee Girls were shot before she signed-on to the show, unbeknownst to the host and the producers, otherwise they probably would have sent her packing.

Her role, however, attracted many new, male viewers to the show, so they overlooked it because that’s what happens in Hollywood. Just sayin’.

Anitra Ford as Dr. Susan Harris

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