Games Girls Play (1974)

Bunny O’Hara (Christina Hart), the young daughter of a U.S diplomat, and her British boarding school friends find themselves in trouble when they make a game out of banging foreign dignitaries visiting London for disarmament talks.

Games Girls Play (aka The Bunny Caper) written by Jameson Brewer and Peer J. Oppenheimer, and directed by Jack Arnold, is classic 1970s B-movie sexploitation with lots of pretty, young girls in panties, plenty of perky tits and just enough full-frontal to keep it legit. It stars Christina Hart, known for other softcore classics like The Stewardesses (1969) and The Roommates (1973) as well as for her guest appearances as “the hot girl” on just about every popular show of the 70s and 80s including The Love Boat, Happy Days, Three’s Company, CHiPs, B.J. and the Bear, Dynasty and more. She also played Patricia “Katie” Krenwinkel in the 1976 true crime drama Helter Skelter.

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