Stonehenge Gets an Orange Facial

h/t: Stonehenge U.K

Two climate activists were arrested in England this week after spraying orange stuff on the monoliths at Stonehenge in an attempt to draw attention to the impact of fossil fuels on the climate. It wasn’t paint but rather a superficial powder substance sprayed on with fire extinguishers that was quickly removed. No permanent damage was reported.

Just Stop Oil, a British group that wants to prevent new oil and gas licensing took responsibility for the act, stating they “decorated” Stonehenge to draw as much attention as possible to their demands that the government work with other governments “to end the extraction and burning of oil, gas and coal by 2030.”

“Look what our ancestors left us 5,000 years ago: this beautiful monument,” Ben Larsen, a Just Stop Oil protester and a supporter of the organization said in an interview. “What are we leaving to our descendants?”

It would have been funnier if they said, “Orange you gonna do something about climate change?”

This only goes to show that people will get more outraged by the temporary defacing of a landmark than they will about the permanent destruction of our planet. (If you believe in that sort of thing, anyway.) Priorities, people.

— SM

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