“I’m very smart. I do eyebrows.”

Source: Body Cam Leak

(KEY WEST, FL) — On August 5th, 2022, Key West Police responded to a call about a reckless, female driver. When they caught up to her at the Circle K, the sexy, tiny-tittied Latina immediately exited her car and pulled her dress down. There’s no telling whether or not she had panties on because they censored that part (but that’s not important right now).

The cops notice damage to her vehicle and begin to question her. She refuses to identify herself and demands to talk to her mother (and a lawyer) and her lack of cooperation ultimately gets her thrown in the back of the police car where she loses her shit even further (and we finally get some slight upskirt shots, albeit night vision ones) before they drag her off to the clink.

We never do find out her name, so there’s no telling whether or not she’s got an OnlyFans or any nudes online. If anyone knows who she is, let us know!


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