Alison Rey’s Epic All-Girl Foursome

Adult film star and February 2024 XBIZ Creator of the Month Alison Rey is thrilled to announce the release of an intimate new GGGG collab video with Casey Calvert, Aaliyah Love, and Vanessa Vega.

The video is the latest entry in her ongoing “First Time Fridays” OnlyFans series, which focuses on performers doing something — or someone — for the first time.  “Usually, it’s my first time having sex with somebody, and once in a while, it’s doing something I’ve never done before, Rey said.  “What I love about this series is that it allows me and my scene partner to have an authentic first sexual encounter together and capture it on film. When we get together, we have a consent discussion so we can get to know what each other likes and doesn’t like, and that always goes up on my OnlyFans wall.”

As Rey noted in her February XBIZ Creator interview, “When I approach creators to shoot together, I let them know about this series, and I also ask them what sells for them. For the most part, people love the idea of shooting something candid.”

“I had the opportunity to work with some incredible women on this collab,” Rey continued.  “Although I have been friends with Aaliyah Love and Casey Calvert for years, I had never worked with Vanessa Vega before —and she is such a firecracker!  These are girls who really love having sex with other girls, and the energy in the room was palpable.  I’ve never been in an all girl foursome with this much chemistry before – it was truly special. The fans are sure to love this installment of my first time Friday series on my OnlyFans.

Looking back to the production of the new four-girl clip, which was directed by industry veteran Dean Capture, Rey added: “When we do the scene, we try to forget performance altogether. In fact, I leave in the water breaks, the talking, the awkward transitions into different positions. We are all so used to viewing perfectly-polished scenes, and when you’re working with somebody for the first time, and it’s for a studio, there are a lot of distractions going on. Doing it this way allows me to focus fully on my partner and our collective pleasure.”

Casey Calvert said of the scene: “I love that Alison invited me to come be a part of her girl party! Four hot girls, all in a pile, just doing whatever we wanted with each other.  Honestly, I would have done this for fun. It’s just a bonus that our fans get to see it.”

Vanessa Vega added: “Scenes where we can do anything we want are always my favorite. This was that, but on another level. This intensity in this scene begins within the first few seconds; this is a can’t miss.” 

Fans can find the star-studded sapphic scene, released Friday, May 17, on Rey’s premium OnlyFans ( ).

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