Butt-Banged by The Big Box: Deep Inside ‘The Walmart Tax’

Take a good look at the Walmart logo. What do you see? A sun? A yellow star? A symbol of American Capitalism? A yellow starfish? When I look at it, I see a golden sphincter which to me symbolizes Walmart’s fist-fucking of America in the ass — raw — not just by peddling us cheap Made In China crap, but through what’s known as The Walmart Tax. What’s more, no one talks about it because they’re too big and too rich and too powerful to fail. They muscle their way in — and the competition out — and dominate communities nationwide into submissive, little finpig bitches who have no other choice but to comply.


What is The Walmart Tax?

Most hard working, tax-paying Americans have no idea that every year many of their tax dollars go to support the nation’s largest welfare recipient – Walmart. That’s right, according to reports by Americans for Tax Fairness, Walmart receives more than $6 Billion in subsidies every year primarily from the Federal Government. So despite earning billions in profits every year singlehandedly selling you more cheap Chinese shit than anyone else, Walmart also does the ol’ reach-around, with their other hand in your back pocket, helping themselves to the hard-earned tax dollars out of your wallet.


How Walmart is Fucking America

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, infamous for its poor working conditions and unfair treatment of employees, pays its workers so little that thousands of Walmart employees are forced to rely on public assistance programs like Food Stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing. Programs funded, you guessed it, by American taxpayers.

No matter the town or city, if you have a Walmart in your community, you are paying The Walmart Tax. In fact, a single Walmart Supercenter is estimated to cost taxpayers between $900,000 and $1.75 million per year in public assistance money. For Walmart, this represents tens of millions of dollars in savings – which ultimately translates to huge profits, not savings for you – all on the backs of America’s taxpayers and workers.


In Knoxville, Tennessee, for instance, Walmart costs local taxpayers an estimated $170 million annually for its employees’ public assistance. Back in August 2014, a new Walmart opened up at the University Commons development near the University of Tennessee. That development received a 25-year, $10 million tax increment financing incentive, as well as a $1.5 million grant from the city. Given the difficult fiscal choices Tennessee faces, it’s outrageous to think a company so big would ask Tennessee taxpayers to subsidize its operations. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe it’s just me, but the entire state of Tennessee earns a measly $12 Billion in revenue every year compared to Walmart’s FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. (That’s half a trillion bucks.)

After Walmart got all that money, what did it do? It shut the store down, further fucking the Knoxville community out of millions more.


No One is Safe from Walmart’s Greedy Hands

Whether you shop there or not, makes no difference, every single American pays this “hidden” tax. And to who’s benefit? Not my community. Not your community. Not my schools. Not your schools. Not my state. Not your state. Not even our country. The only one that benefits from The Walmart Tax is — take a guess — Walmart.

They brag about their super, low prices but what they don’t advertise is that the American taxpayer subsidizes those so-called low prices. We may pay less up-front, but they make up for it through the backdoor – by breaking it off in our asses and taking it out of our wallets through our tax bills, unbeknownst to most Americans.


They brag about boosting local employment and employee wages and spending $500 million on hourly associate bonuses, yet most of their workers and their families depend on government programs, and your tax dollars, to survive. Workers at my local Walmart tell me they’re encouraged by the management to seek out government assistance when they complain about not earning enough.

Bottom line, wherever you live, Walmart is part of the reason your taxes are high.

Don’t Forget: April 15th is Walmart Tax Day

With billions in profits, Walmart could easily do the right thing and pay its workers better wages. If only they increased employee wages and provided better benefits, much of the burden would be lifted off the American taxpayer – meaning, our taxes would be lower. Unfortunately, they give zero fucks about our taxes; they only care about what’s cheaper for the company and what lines the pockets of The Waltons and the major shareholders. Taxpayers foot much of their bill, and they just get richer and richer and ultimately, more and more powerful.


I doubt any of this will change any time soon, Walmart has become far too omnipotent a company – and too embedded in most of America’s communities. I can complain all day, but a lot times I have no choice but to shop there. Yeah, it sucks, but like most people, I have a family to feed and only so many dollars in-hand to feed them with. But if we all start spreading our dollars out, across more stores, and maybe commit to making our discretionary purchases anywhere but there, en masse we might whittle away at their power, slowly but surely, and ultimately change things. No company should be so all-powerful as to be able to help themselves to our tax dollars as much as Walmart does.

With another Tax Day quickly approaching, it’s time Americans start paying more attention to The Walmart Tax and the brutal reality that Walmart’s low prices come with a hidden and higher cost we all pay.

Screw You, Walmart.





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