The SCREW Network Patreon is Here!

Finally, after years of going back and forth about it, today the fine folks at Patreon have granted us creator status, and the all-new SCREW Network Patreon is live! What does that mean for you, dear loyal SCREW reader and fan? It means lots of cool shit, that’s what!

Moving forward, we’ll be adding lots of EXCLUSIVE Members-Only Content across ALL our websites — SCREW Magazine (the site you are on now), (our awesome tube site) and (home of our all-new Roku channel, The SCREW Channel)! We also have two new sites in the works (we’ll talk about that later).

The SCREW Patreon has three membership levels starting at just $5/month — Soldier of Smut, Capo of Content and Don of Debauchery. Each one comes with its own unique benefits, but all THREE grant you exclusive access to premium articles and content plus our new private chatroom where you can interact with other SCREW fans, the staff and the publisher!

SCREW Content Capos and above also get to submit their own content, reviews and more! Imagine that, YOU get a fancy SCREW BYLINE — joining the ranks of prestigious SCREW contributors like Al Goldstein, Gore Vidal, Andy Warhol, John Updike, and more!

It’s gonna be like one big, happy SCREW step-family!

In order for it all to work though, we’re counting on YOU to join! It’s only five bucks a month and we promise you’re going to get your money’s worth. In fact, the first 100 people to sign-up at ANY level will be considered O.G. SCREW Members and you’ll receive an extra-special bonus!

I’m so looking forward to finally having a place to reach out (and reach around) to all the readers and fans out there who make this journey worthwhile. And every dollar we take in through Patreon will go right back into creating more content. So in the weeks and months to come we’ll finally be able to add podcasts and more!

Check it out now and sign-up!
That’ll give me something to do this weekend.


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