Washington’s “Stripper Bill of Rights”

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee is expected to sign into law soon a “Strippers’ Bill of Rights” which includes some of the broadest state-level protections for exotic dancers in the country. Senate Bill 6105 also paves the way for Washington’s strip joints to sell booze.

Key provisions of SB 6105 include a “customer blacklist”. If a customer is being creepy or crossing boundaries, they are to be banned from the establishment. Adult venues will be required by law to report allegations of customer violence and criminal behavior.

Adult venues will also be required to install panic buttons, specifically in the private dance rooms, where dancers are alone with customers. Some clubs already have them, but this will mandate them and require them to be easily accessible and in good working order. They will also be required to have hired security. And again, while many clubs already provide it, they are currently not required to by law.

Finally, SB 6105 greenlights the sale of alcohol in adult venues — which can add significantly to the bottom lines of both club and dancers — and further instructs the Washington Liquor & Cannabis Board (LCB) to repeal the state’s existing lewd conduct law which bans nudity and sexual expression in venues that serve booze.

This is all great news for adult entertainers in the great State of Washington. Now if only we could get other states to follow suit.


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