LSD for Anxiety

The hippies win again!

A single dose of LSD can cut anxiety in half within weeks, according to the results of a new study by MindMed, a clinical-stage company that develops products to treat brain health disorders, released earlier this week.

According to the study, just 100 micrograms of MM120 — the salt form of lysergide d-tartrate, the hallucinogen commonly known as LSD (aka “acid”) — provided relief to patients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

GAD is characterized by excessive, persistent, and unrealistic worry about everyday things resulting in fear, persistent anxiety and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed. Approximately 10% of American adults — more than 20 million people — suffer from the disorder.

100 micrograms of MM120 is classified as a single hit, er, dose of the drug. Just that amount led to a 48% rate of remission from GAD after 12 weeks. About 65% of patients saw improvements within as little as three weeks. The results are more than double what current drugs provide and occurred at all levels of anxiety, from moderate all the way up to severe. It also showed rapid improvement on depression symptoms.

MindMed is confident that 100 micrograms is the right does to bring MM120 to Phase III trials, and hopefully on to complete FDA approval. How fucking sweet will that be when doctors can prescribe us acid for our anxiety? Fuck yeah! It’s not like some of us didn’t know this already. First weed, then shrooms, now trip — the hippies just keep on winning!

Read MindMed’s press release.


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