Boys Got’s the Sperms, Girls Got’s the Ovums

Alabama (the State, not the band) has coded their own “definitions of sex” into law.

Despite the fact it may conflict with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the Alabama House Judiciary Committee has approved a bill creating legal definitions of men and women based on the presence or potential for the person to possess certain reproductive cells.

HB 111, sponsored by Rep. Susan DuBose (R-Hoover), says that a male is a “natural person” with “a reproductive system that at some point produces sperm” while a female is a “natural person” with “a reproductive system that at some point produces ova.”

It goes on to define boys as human males (as opposed to other types of males) who have “not yet reached adulthood,” and girls as “human females who have not yet reached adulthood.” What is “adulthood”? It doesn’t tell us, but perhaps that’s covered by a different bill.

It does tell us, however, that a man is an adult human of the male sex, and a woman is an adult human of the female sex, and then later reveals that the word “sex”, when used to classify or describe a natural person, is the state of being male or female as observed or clinically verified at birth.

Finally, it defines the difference between a mother and a father but stops short or defining whether or not your children’s mother can be your sister or your cousin, or both. But then again, it’s Alabama. Oddly though, it does define a “person” as “an individual, corporation, partnership, company or other business entity”, but makes no mention of whether or not they need to produce sperm or ova.

Anyway, Alabama once again leading the pack in Civil Rights violations — in this case, the protection of “people” (i.e., human people) against discrimination because of sexuality or gender identity.

Ro’ Tide.


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