Ass Tongue Baby

Eating ass, also known as “rimming” is a Satellite of Love. It’s the kissing, licking, and tongue-fucking of your partner’s anus and rectum Until The End of The World or at least until one- or both of you get off. (For those who don’t know, the anus is the exterior portion of the asshole and the rectum is the interior.)

Eating ass has grown in popularity in the 2000s. Back in the 1980s and 90s, however — save for the occasional Fortunate Son — most guys would be hard-pressed to find a woman willing to let him eat her ass, let alone one find one that would eat his. In fact, most men would never let a woman near his ass out of fear of being perceived as “gay”.

The world works in Mysterious Ways though (thank God) and today Love Is Blindness. Eating ass is now as common and accepted as eating pussy or sucking dick, due mostly to all the wonderful porn freely available online showing both sexes enjoying it tremendously along with all the “ins and outs” of how to do it. I mean, seriously, it’s fun to eat ass, and it’s fun to have your ass eaten. For One, it feels good — Even Better Than The Real Thing. For two, it’s fun to say, “eating ass”.

Of course, as with any sexual activity, you want to have your partner’s blessing (aka “consent”) before diving into that sweet, starfish of satisfaction. Girls especially, never surprise a man with an unexpected trip to Brown Town unless you know for sure he’s into it and has done it before, lest he jump ten feet off the bed like an Acrobat and smash his head on the ceiling fan. That’s So Cruel.

According to medical journals, “Surprise Anal” accounts for more than 1,000 Emergency Room visits every year. I just made that up on The Fly, but I’m sure there’s some truth to it.

The best ass eatin’ culminates with a thorough tongue-fuckin’. Don’t just play, Salomé. This ain’t “Ring Around The Rosie”. You gotta get up in there, take it the extra mile, Burn Your House Down; don’t just skirt the rim of the anus, go deep. Dig for gold. Paint It Black. Mangia, mangia! You’ll know you’re doing it right when you hear yourself uttering a new language — it’s where the term “speaking in tongues” originated — and your partner becomes The Lady With The Spinning Head.

Keep in mind though, the anus and rectum are a very delicate network of nerve endings and blood vessels, easily ripped and torn. Achtung Baby — that is, watch out, if you take it too far to Zoo Station playing Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, you might just find yourself wondering Where Did It Wall Go Wrong? as your partner sings Sunday Bloody Sunday.

And that’s a completely different album.

This week’s featured art is entitled “Sexy Woman #5” by artist Dimitry O of Maldova. Dimitry O is a painter, digital artist, and traditional storyteller who is passionate about creating work that matters and telling inspiring stories through his own, unique blend of Generated Ai, Painting, and Digital Art that combines the best of old and new. The original and prints are available from Saatchi Art.

You can learn more about Dimitry O and view more of the artist’s unique works here.

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