Chloe Amour Drops Three New Clips

Chloe Amour has dropped three new clips on OnlyFans. Two of them on her own OnlyFans, the other as part of a new series.

For the first, she co-stars with Vanessa Marie and Troy Francisco in a threesome creampie. The second features Amour in a JOI scenario.


“I love making sexy new stuff for my fans,” Amour said. “They’re amazing and always so supportive. I’m going to keep pushing the limits and making harder, wilder, hotter content. This week I wanted to share something that felt more intimate, to talk right to them and help them get off.”

Additionally, Amour stars in a new OnlyFans series called “Stretch Mistress,” which is a “Stretch Masters” spin-off.

“The boss came in to teach me tips on stretching,” said Amour. “I end up fucking and sucking him off till he cums all over my face.”

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