SNEAKER CON: Former President Unveils New “Predator 45’s”

FORMER President Donald J, Trump unveiled his new con, er, his new line of sneakers at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia recently. Dubbed the “Predator 45’s” the new, gold-colored high-tops retail for $399 and are, of course, Made in China.

Whether you’re on the court, or IN the court, they are sure to turn heads — the other way, as people try to be nice and not laugh at you to your face for blowing four hundred bucks on yet another Trump grift. But hey, to each his own. If you want to walk down the street looking like Donald Trump doing his stupid “retard” impression, that’s your choice. After all, American is all about Freedom of Choice. That is, unless you’re a woman.

The “Al Jordan’s” circa 1990-something.

Golden sneakers are nothing new. Back in the 90s, SCREW founder Al Goldstein commissioned Nike to custom-build golden Air Jordans for his fat, grotesque, gout-ridden feet. Dubbed the “Al Jordan’s”, you can see a pair on exhibit at the world’s smallest museum, Mmuseum, located at 4 Cortland Alley in New York City. Click here for more information and directions.

Perhaps Trump should have called his own abomination, “Hair Jordan’s”.
Or better yet, “CHEEZY’S”.

— PP

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