True Colors

It would be cool to have a little button on our temples that we press to instantly switch from ordinary vision to thermal imaging. This could immediately erase all that’s superficial; peeling back the world’s epidermal layer to reveal everything around us in its most honest form — as energy and movement. Suddenly, life would be defined not by race or gender or meaningless bling, but rather, as hot and cold, and everything in-between — from deep blues to purples to reds to oranges to bright yellows. Imagine having that sort of “X-ray vision” to see straight through each other and immediately identify bitter, cold-heartedness, the warmth of true love, and the heat of passion, or perhaps, anger. Of course, we couldn’t live and function like that for very long; we’d have to switch out of the mode and back to the “real world”. But, how cool would it be, just for a moment, to be able to glimpse inside of each other to see our true colors?

South Korean artist Hong Ji-Young attempts just that in her Epidermis World series of acrylic paintings, removing prejudices among people by peeling back the world’s outer skin to reveal the beautiful color palettes and abstract forms within each of us. Her work explores a world beyond race and gender (and politics) where external appearances are defined by the colors inside of us — our true colors — the way it should be.

This week’s featured art is entitled “Epidermis World: Love 18” by Hong Ji-Young. It is available for purchase at Saatchi Art.

Click here for the artist’s profile and additional works.

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