Hime Marie Discusses Sex Work Discrimination in NightMoves Magazine Profile

Adult film star and feature dancer Hime Marie discusses changes in the adult performer/creator landscape and discrimination against sex workers, in a penetrating profile in the February 2024 issue of NightMoves Magazine.

Founded in 1987 and distributed throughout Central Florida, NightMoves Magazine is the second-oldest regional adult publication in the U.S. 

In Marie’s “Performer Spotlight” profile for the nightlife monthly, industry scribe and critic Moutasem Seyam a.k.a. Mutant Mo writes, “When I get to hear from sex workers regarding their experiences in the adult entertainment industry, my heart fills with intrigue and my eyes light up.  Sadly, that isn’t the case for most of society as sex worker discrimination is real.”

Marie tells the writer that the most annoying, insidious and commonplace kind of discrimination she faces is “the ‘Captain Save-A-Ho’ complex many people still have, unfortunately.  Upon speaking to me and learning taught I’m a sex worker, they get a sudden sadness in their eyes and don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm as I do.  I don’t expect them to. yet I also never expect to be asked, ‘Well have you thought about what you’re doing after this, hun?’ or ‘Please just be careful, sweetie.’  I know the intentions are good,, but it implies that I don’t have the agency to make decisions for myself or understand how to avoid dangerous situations.”

Asked to give advice to new performers and content creators entering the business, Marie replied: 

“Post-pandemic and with the behemoth that is OnlyFans, the talent pool has likely quadrupled, obviously [meaning] more competition, and almost a race in a way to make your content stand out from others. With that being said . . . there’s still plenty of pie to go around, and you will find your fans that truly care for you. Stay consistent. Take inspiration from content you enjoy. Ask questions and learn from other creators. You will have high-highs and low-lows. If this career and life-path is for you, you will figure it out relatively quickly. Most importantly, value your health over wealth. Full physical, every year. Keep yourself and your partners safe, or none of us will be making any money!”

The article also notes that Marie has recently launched a successful career in feature dance, in partnership with The Lee Network, the premier agency providing adult star feature dancers and showgirls to gentlemen’s clubs across North America.  Since October 2023, she has already performed at some up the top venues in New York City and Las Vegas.

Featuring gorgeous color photos of the athletic beauty, Hime Marie’s feature article is available on newsstands throughout central Florida, and online at https://issuu.com/nightmoves/docs/nm_finalpg_1-64_feb_2024_websized/60.

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