A SCREW REVIEW: “Back to the Cooter” (2024)

Going back in time to fuck your stepmom and stepsister may seem strange to most, but in the world of porn it’s brilliant, and Crave Media does a great job bringing it to life! The plot is fun and engaging without demanding too much thought, and the cast is top notch as they act out the fantasies we love to dream about. Production quality is great from camera angles down to lighting and the costumes are cute, sexy, and guaranteed to take you back in time to the good ol’days. The opening credits and graphics throughout do justice to the mainstream original, illustrating the time and thought that went into the movie, and I think Back To The Cooter is one you’re definitely going to remember and want to revisit time after time.


It’s 2019 but Jimmy Michaels loves the 80s, particularly 1985, which he views as the pinnacle of human ingenuity, and he wants to go back. Naturally he builds a time machine and decides to bring his buddy Carlos Dickinson along for the adventure. Initially Carlos is skeptical Jimmy is going to get them stuck in a metaverse somewhere, and I guess his apprehension affected his hearing because he thought Jimmy wanted to go back to 1995 and set the wrong date. Let the fun begin…

Scene Highlights

Now they’re stuck in Jimmy’s grandmother’s house trying not to change the future. That goes to shit when they’re caught spying on their smoking hot teenage stepmoms, Chloe Temple and Venus Vixen, who want to lose their virginity as soon as possible. Jimmy tries to think with his head instead of his dick, but Carlos suggest they swap stepmoms to have the time of their lives and I mean, who can really say no to that? The girls give them the quickest makeover you’ll ever watch and after some playful banter they start making out. You can’t tell from the way they grab cock that Venus and Chloe are virgins, but Jimmy and Carlos couldn’t care less as they eat them out and finger their pussies. Both ladies give amazing blowjobs, deepthroating and spitting for emphasis, and it’s obvious the fellas can’t wait to fuck. Carlos fucks Chloe while Venus and Jimmy hook-up right next to them and I love how they sync positions. The girls are in absolute heaven and having the time of their lives as they joke and laugh with each other while riding dick, and the boys look like they still can’t believe it’s all happening. The highlight for me is when the girls begin to 69 and the get fucked while eating each other out. The energy is high and fast paced but you aren’t slighted in terms of sex. Everyone takes their time and it ends with Jimmy and Carlos leaving dripping creampies in each other’s stepmoms. After getting dressed one of them drops their smartphones and when girls try to operate it Jimmy and Carlos disappear into thin air.

Somehow Jimmy and Carlos end up in 2013 but there’s a major problem. The time machine was built into that smartphone and it’s stuck in 1995. They don’t have long to figure things out before they run into the stepmoms again, now played by Sasha Pearl and Kiki Klout. Kiki recognizes the outfits as belonging to the guys who popped their cherries and confronts everybody. After a brief discussion her and Sasha bring their stepsons into the living room and demand to know what they’ve been up to. After taking a look at their cocks they know these are the right guys, and now they want round two. Now that they’re all grown up, these MILFs are even more experienced and freakier than before. I have no clue how Carlos and Jimmy last as long as they do, but somehow they have their moms feening for their young hard dicks and they get just that. The ladies start with sloppy blowjobs and then ride their sons faces while groping each others boobs. This shit is crazy! The couples begin fucking just like they did back in 95, but this time the moms want their own stepsons inside of them and they won’t take no for an answer. They bang in all the right positions and the camera work is truly on display as you get the perfect view. This scene ups the high energy we first witnessed between this group and you have to appreciate that. They finish in missionary, almost identical to the way they ended the first time around, but this time they took their sons’ loads in their mouths and take turns swapping it back and forth. Jimmy and Carlos high-five to celebrate but when their moms tell them they have sisters in this new reality they’re minds are literally blown. Who knows where this is going to go!?

Because Jimmy and Carlos can’t keep their dicks in their past, the current timeline is all fucked up. It’s still 2013 but now their stepmoms have daughters, Cleo and Venice. The fact that Chloe and Venus played these roles also threw me off for a minute but I promise it all makes sense. Everything is coming full circle as both girls approach their 18th birthdays and are told the truth about their birth fathers. Sergeant Miles and Tony Rubino met the young women when they were already pregnant and being the good guys they are, decided to step up and help raise the girls. They’re gifted the mysterious smartphone from 1995 but they don’t believe a word of it. Instead, they believe their parents are playing a trick on them and probably have a surprise party set up somewhere, so they set off to find everyone. When they confront their dads and find out there’s no party they realize their moms were telling the truth. These brand new 18 year olds aren’t about to be down on their birthday so decide to have some fun of their own. They want to swap stepdads and it doesn’t take much to convince Tony and Sergeant Miles. Within seconds everyone is making out, hands are wondering, and clothes are coming off. What’s fun about this scene is nobody can keep their hands to themselves. Things escalate quickly and it feels fun as the girls wrestle with what they’re about to do. They suck their dads off and get flipped in and out of the same positions their moms were in years ago. Once again we end up on the couch with Cleo and Venice getting fucked missionary and holding hands. Tony and Miles cum in their step-daughters’ mouths, making sure not to repeat the cycle, and everyone is happy until that damn phone starts ringing. The girls pick is up and are zapped away to another time and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


“Bro, this is literally why we’re here, why we have a time machine! Look, you can fuck my stepmom and I’ll take yours. If anything gets fucked up we can just go back in time and correct it.” -Peer pressure at it’s finest as Carlos convinces Jimmy to swap stepmoms in 1995.

Why We Love It

Sex should be about a good time, and Back to the Cooter is exactly that. The story is a fun fantasy we all can get into, and the cast does a great job acting it out. The sex is explosive and intense and lasts more than long enough to get you where you’re trying to go without boring you. I really enjoyed the role the sex played in telling the story, with positions and acts being duplicated because it further ties it all together for us while still keeping us engaged. Every time you think you have it figured out something off the wall happens and you can’t help but wonder what the hell they’re going to do next. Overall, Back to the Cooter is a great movie that I think everyone can, and will, enjoy.

— NC

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