A SCREW REVIEW: “My Sex Chronicles” (2024)

I am about to go on another erotic escapade with Dorcel and their new movie The Sex Chronicles, directed by Anna Polina. This movie looks to be the kind of adventure that makes me want to jump into the screen and join in because the girls are so beautiful. In this cast we get to witness the undressing of Clara MiaJanice Griffith, Ania KinskiZaawadiChloe Duval, and Tiffany Leiddi. The chronicles in this movie revolve around the life of Clara as she works through the daily lessons and dramas that life gives us.

Scene Highlights

Clara Mia is having a drink at a sexy night club when she finds James Duval waiting to get lucky. That he does where some flirty conversation and banter leads him with an invitation to her apartment. She opens her purse and flashes a condom, every man’s dream come true. Things immediately get steamy once inside with passionate kissing and body mingling. As the clothes come off, we get to enjoy her body art and nipple piercings. She is hot and wild. He gets the condom on and pounds her hard against the wall and on the table. That is just the first of her stories.

This movie strikes on multiple categories with stories to attract all audiences. There are multiple threesomes in this movie and a lesbian scene between Clara and Janice Griffith. The girls have a sweet encounter while being watched. The passion between these beauties is off the charts. Ricki Mancini is the lucky stud to get between Ania and Tiffany as a new experience in their relationship. They both share his cock while with an audience at a club. Ania gets an intense anal fuck.
In a sweet and classic bedroom scene Clara and Chloe work together to pamper James and his cock. They gently take turns sucking and fucking that is captured perfectly by the camera. In the final scene we have a heart pounding group fuck and Zaawaddi joins the group of guys getting busy with Clara. She pops on the screen as the camera takes us to every conceivable position when she is pounded from behind.


“I don’t work, I spend my dad’s money and I flirt.”  says Clara Mia when describing what she does for a living.

“Life is too short, and you should NEVER deny yourself pleasure!”

Why We Love It

It’s easy to love Dorcel movies and their unique way of telling a story that captivates you and throwing in some mind-blowing sex on screen that stimulates you. They masterfully capture the scenes with crisp colors and contrast to make every single detail a piece of art. The passion that every sexual encounter brings is what makes these movies so popular. The overall casting is also an excellent combination of stars that accent each other’s performance and steamy sex. Follow along with Clara for some tantalizing chronicles of sex.

— Chase

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