An Interview with Krystal Sparks

Krystal Sparks is a fabulous MILF performer with a wide-eyed passion for the stage of adult of work. After years of honing her talents at home and living a true hotwife lifestyle, she’s entered our domain to the delight of many. With scenes out for Girlfriends Films and Digital Sin that consist of both hotwife and girl on girl action, she’s making a big splash that’s sure to get everyone wet! In this SCREW interview, Sparks talks about playing the hotwife vs. living it, her dream scene, podcast, and much more.

How did you get into performing?

My journey into performing started quite organically through personal experiences with my husband. We decided to document our hotwife lifestyle and share it on OnlyFans, which unexpectedly opened the door to the adult industry. Through our adventures, we met the professional adult actor Marcus London, who not only collaborated with us but also shared invaluable insights into the craft. This collaboration led to connections with other industry professionals and eventually to the idea of getting an agent. Initially, I was hesitant, but after attending the AVN Expo and discussing the prospect with my husband, I decided to explore the opportunity. That’s when I met Sandra from OC Modeling, who was eager to represent me. A month later, I found myself on my first professional shoot. It’s been a whirlwind, but here I am, fully immersed in the world of adult entertainment!

What are your thoughts on playing the hotwife and the genre in general?

Absolutely adore it! It’s not acting—it’s just another day in my fabulous life. With my husband cheering me on (he’s the president of my fan club), it’s not just a role, it’s a standing ovation every time.

You have an awesome girl/girl scene with Octavia Red for Girlfriend’s Films. What’s it like to play that role of the step-mom/mature sexual partner on camera?

Thank you for the spotlight on that! Working with Octavia Red was a blockbuster experience. I’m equally enchanted by men and women, and Octavia, bless her, could set the screen on fire. Our chemistry was off the charts, both on and off the set, and we all clicked like a cast of lifelong friends. I immerse myself in every role—so much so that sometimes I need a moment to step out of character and return to the real world after “cut” is called.

Does that translate to real life at all? Do you ever view yourself in that role?

Well, let’s just say in the grand theatre of life, I do enjoy the company of younger stars, which might cast me in the MILF role more often than not.

You also had a scene this year for Girlfriends Films with Ember Snow. What was it like to shoot that scene and how was working with Ember?

Shooting with Ember was like a dance with perfect harmony—our chemistry could’ve lit up the Las Vegas strip! The team at Girlfriend’s Films really knows how to shine the spotlight on us, ensuring we look our best while delivering award-worthy performances.

What’s your favorite type of scene to shoot?

Give me a scene with a dash of drama, please! While gonzo has its charm, sinking my teeth into a role with some narrative at the beginning really sets the stage for a thrilling performance—I once played a financially-challenged MILF, which turned into quite the entertaining spectacle.

Do you have a fantasy booking for yourself? Type of scene / scene partner(s)?

My dream scene? Picture this: an epic gang bang featuring the crème de la crème of my “Pornstar Collection”—Tommy Gunn, Marcus London, and Nick “Droppin Loads” Manning. Imagine the ensemble performance of a lifetime!

You co-host the Swing Shot: Live! Podcast. Talk a little about the podcast, what it is, how it came to be?

Swing Shot: Live! is the audio stage where my husband and I share the microphone, dishing out tales from the Red Rooster Swingers Club in Vegas. Born from a mix of sound equipment and a treasure trove of stories, our show took a brief intermission during the pandemic but has returned for a second act with more interviews, sexy anecdotes, and even a dash of erotic radio drama. It’s a veritable carnival of comedy, sex, and candid conversations!

What does a typical workday look like for you?

On non-shoot days, I’m the quintessential multi-tasker: mom, chef, gym enthusiast, and digital entrepreneur managing my OnlyFans. Shoot days, however, are like mini adventures: an early rise, a flight to LA, transformation on set with hair and makeup, script run-throughs, and then it’s showtime with some of the most incredible scene partners. I aim to be back by dinner, share the day’s highlights with my husband (he hangs on every word!), and then we celebrate the day’s success before the final curtain falls.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

In this world of bright lights, it’s the support network for me—it’s like a big, warm, welcoming family. While there are tales of trials in the industry, I’ve been fortunate to only encounter the best. The camaraderie and freedom are the cherries on top of an already decadent cake!

— JD

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