A SCREW REVIEW: “Hostel Bangers” (2024)

This movie starts out with energy and banging music as the trailer plays in the beginning. In Hostel Bangers the storyline revolves around a hotel with loose boundaries which makes for great porn. It seems like this hotel has a knack for bringing out some fun and games, the only miss is that it is filled with bunk beds.

Scene Highlights

Imagine lying in bed with some morning wood and a cute girl just shows up and begins to play with your cock. Well that is exactly what happens in the first scene when Atlantis Deep shows up to meet her blind date but chooses the wrong room. She deep throats his cock to his astonishment and takes pictures. Her tits are amazing and she uses them against his hard cock. This is the first time I have seen this girl and she is amazing! Her passion for fucking is off the charts erotic. I’m obsessed, this scene is going into my porn library.

In the next scene Mary Bambola is wearing some tight jeans and they split open at the right spot showing off the crack of her beautiful ass. This get naughty right there as her man first tries to help her but then can’t resist getting a taste. She has a beautiful rack on her that we get to see next when she begins to return the oral favors to his cock. They have a steamy fuck session against some bunk beds but she never does get the torn tight jeans off.

At the front desk of this horny hotel a young stud needs a room and sexy Aubrey Black at the front desk seems to have a fancy for him. When his card is declined she goes to his room for another form of payment. That payment is not what you may expect as she finds a very agreeable way for him to work off the funds. She begins to strip down so that he can eat her out nicely. After that a beautiful fuck in a chair.


“Your card has been declined, but at this Hostel we are forward thinking, I think we can come up with a suitable payment arrangement.”  Aubrey Black says to a client

Why We Love It

I have to say it, I think LetsDoeIt hit a home run on this one. Aside from the annoying bunk beds the fantasy storylines that moved quickly into hot sex made the film work. I just wish the stories told in this film happened in real life, but that is what makes this great porn – it’s a fantasy. If this does happen in real life somebody please let me know, so I can go there. I think the first scene has given me a whole new fantasy to play off of.

— C

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