A SCREW REVIEW: “Room 212” (2024)

Did you ever see that Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack movie about the haunted room in the hotel? I don’t remember what it was called, but Room 212 is like that if the room was just for hot fucking instead of hauntings. In other words, this is better. Much better. Classy sexy Carollina Cherry leads a dripping hot cast in a lust-ridden hotel.

Scene Highlights

Carollina arrives to room 212 to deliver punctual and exceptional service, just like any other day. But who is waiting there other than the big breasted blonde Lucette Nice? She calls to her in a seductive voice and the camera pans to reveal a naked Lucette submerged in the tub, large tits floating hovering just above the depths. Carollina then makes the same movie I did when I saw Lucette, removes all her clothes subserviently.

A tense build commences with Carollina rubbing length-wise up and down Lucette’s neat condensed slit, moaning in between sucking on her nipples. Intensity increases with speed until they’re both face to face breathing into each other’s mouths. Lucette stands there like a powerful goddess, boobs towering and imposing while she gleefully watches Carollina service her.

Lucette decides to return the favor and presses their breasts gently together, reaches down and pushes her fingers into the wet hole between Carollina’s legs. She fingers with such precision and intent it’s almost like watching an artist paint. Soft, calm, and confident. Their foreplay is so genuinely intoxicating and longful that I want to watch them have sex as much as they want to have sex with each other.

Other highlights include: Carollina getting absolutely dicked down in the laundry room. Nothing like pulling hard cock out of the pants in a room full of fresh warm towels.

Alice Martin and Simon Kitty share a single man in their insatiable journey for hard dick. Some guys have all the luck.


“I have a love-hate relationship with this place. I’ve tried to leave, but something always keeps me here.” – Carollina Cherry

Spoiler alert: it’s the heavy, quaking orgasms that keep her there.

Why We Love It

The celebration of the mundane is the truest humanity and strongest way to honor ourselves as a people. By examining the dreary day-to-day of a hotel worker, and highlighting the fantastic and uplifting moments, like getting fingered by a big-titted blonde while you’re on the clock, it reminds us to appreciate the joy in life. DORCEL has accomplished something great with Room 212. It reminds us that if we slow down and have a little perspective in our lives, we could be appearing in a room 212 of our own, and that’s what I call inspiring.

— JD

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