An Interview with Holly Hotwife

Like many adult performers, Holly Hotwife started out shooting amateur content. Her sexual openness and natural talent have led her to high-profile scenes for Brazzers, Blacked, and more. In our latest pornstar interview, Hotwife discusses the fetish that inspired her name, working with Nathan Bronson, her favorite sex position, the new studio MILFY, and much more.

You’ve got a scene out with Nathan Bronson for the newly established label MILFY. Talk a little about being a part of this new label. What excited you about MILFY? How was the process of shooting that scene?

Holly Hotwife: Being part of MILFY is a new level of talent and experience in my work field. I normally do amateur style scenes with a little gonzo mainstream media in the mix. MILFY is stylish and elegant women in their prime, not only fulfilling their sexual fantasies and desires but grabbing the “Bull” by the horns and taking everyday situations and creating a scene most men and women dream about doing in their everyday lives but never would. It’s brazen and bold. With Kayden Kross directing, she brings this real life fantasy to fruition better than any director I’ve seen!

Working with Nathan came naturally. He’s a professional and very easy on the eyes. He embodied the vision of a young, hot landscaper and the chemistry between us made our scene not only realistic, but super hot! Who hasn’t looked at their hot, young landscaper and fantasized about having a hot little romp with them?

How long have you been shooting content? What made you decide to start?

I’ve been shooting content for a little over seven years. I started making amateur style content with my husband and since I’m a Hotwife, my husband’s desire for me to be with other men, crossed us over into filming with others. Men and women.

You have pierced nipples and they’re very hot! Why doesn’t everyone have pierced nipples? What are the pros and cons? When and why did you decide to pierce them?

I first got my nipples pierced as a fad when I was 18. Months after I got them pierced, I got pregnant and took them out to breastfeed. Then once I was done breastfeeding, I lost sensation in my nipples so decided to get them pierced again. As I’ve heard that could bring back the feel goods! Haha And it did! I love jewelry in them for aesthetic purposes as well! They’re very feminine to me. One con, is they get hooked on things quite easily and that does not feel good! Also, they take time to heal after being pierced so touching them isn’t pleasant for a while.

You’ve made your name based around the “hotwife” brand/moniker. Everyone loves hotwife content. What do you think it is about that specific genre that appeals so much to people?

I believe it appeals to most people because it’s sort of taboo. Swinger/lifestyle dynamics are becoming somewhat accepted now. But men don’t normally encourage their wives to go out alone and have naughty fun with other men without them being there. They want to join in on the fun. This is outside the comfort zone for most men, so it’s a fantasy.

Mainstream culture outside of the adult industry seem to portray the average American wife as being more sexually repressed/disinterested than their single counterparts. Yet, in our industry, seems the opposite. Where does this narrative come from? Are wives hornier than single people?

I think for a while, married men felt they had to repress their natural urges and sexual desires. So they would cheat on their wives, not knowing our intimate secret. That secret being, their wives have the same natural desires and would love to be viewed by their husbands how the landscaper or plumber or grocer views her. We want to be wanted and desired. I think if a woman is made to feel this way, she can be as horny if not more horny than a man in his prime.

You and your husband have made careers out of being sexually adventurous. What advice, if any, do you have for married couples looking to explore and enhance their sex lives?

My advice would be to communicate honestly, some sexual desires you would like to explore with your significant other. Start off slow and within reason. You know your partner best and if you don’t, then now you will. Do not judge them and try to have an open mind. A little healthy jealousy is a good thing, toxic jealousy will only hinder your sexual growth as a couple. Be kind and understanding of different kinks that the other person may have. They may not be right for you. But while communicating, you’re bound to find what does work for you both and can start your own adventures toward sexual freedom and growth within your marriage.

Do you have a porn role model / person you’re a particular fan of?

I have many porn crushes. Melissa Stratton and Aaron Small Hands are just two off the top of my head. I don’t really have a role model. I believe some people have more value than others, not by appearance or money or status though. By energy and love in their heart. Compassion, humbleness and wisdom will set them apart. To me, that’s value. No one is perfect and everyone has their own set of morals and motives. I think I’m more concerned about my personal self growth than looking onto others for theirs. Self reflection can be a healthy motivator.

Do you have a favorite MILF or hotwife?

I’m really diggin’ Barbie Feels right now! She’s such a MILF hottie! My favorite hotwife is Sadie Andrews because I love her and her husband’s dynamic. She’s a hottie hotwife!

Would you rather have a gangbang every night for a week with no sex for 3 weeks after, or vanilla 2-person sex once a week for a month?

What kind of question is this!? Haha Neither! My body couldn’t handle a gangbang every night for a week, and I don’t want to go 3 weeks with no sex. I actually don’t mind vanilla sex with one person, but once a week is not enough. But I’m going to pick vanilla sex once a week because I can always watch porn and get myself off.

Favorite sex position?

Prone missionary.

How long should sex last, on average, for it to be a good and satisfying event?

15-25 minutes on average. But 5 minute quickies are fun and an hour long group sex is fun too!

What’s your favorite thing to do in your down time?

Going to concerts, boating and relaxing with my pets.

Favorite comfort food?

Any homestyle food or any soup. I love soups!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Wake up, drink one cup of coffee, eat breakfast, shower, do hair and makeup and go down to my HollyHouse (studio, glam cabin) to work on my spreadsheet. It has all of my custom orders, topless dick rates, panty sales, etc on there. Spend some time chatting with my fans, answering their messages. Take a break for lunch. Make a couple of Skype calls, take some pictures, sign photos to be sent off, make tick-tock‘s, work on my social media platforms and maybe do an onlyfans live at night. Then dinner with my husband and sometimes my kids, if they are home.

What do you feel is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while working in the adult industry?

Never say yes to something you don’t want to do. It does something to your spirit that you can’t get back.

— D

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